About us

About us

Vipetv.com is a multinational technology company specializing in Multimedia related services and products. Subsidiaries include Broadway Music Group and Co., Diva Donna Lady Queens ( DivaDonnaLQ; DDLQ), and Vipe Records. Vipetv.com helps the artist, the business, the brand and the consumer. Operations help the independent entrepreneurs directly sell and market their products, while gaining full exposure to elite industry experts. Sponsorships range from Ferrari, and Rockafella Plaza, to local business owners who establish reputable brands in progressive communities. Vipetv.com has a team of industry professionals catered to deliver worldwide, and national, exposure to your target market.

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About us

VipeTv.com provides the following:

  • VipeTv- Multimedia company specializing in production for film and commercial services for over 30+ years under the guidance of legendary producer “Vipemillions” ; executive advisor.
  • Broadway Music Group and Co. llc- Entertainment label and music production company operating out of New York City providing radio ready talent and entertainment venues.
  • Diva Donna Lady Queens (DivaDonnaLQ.com) - model services for hire and talent bookings, as well as, an avenue for experienced models. DivaDonnaLQ provides clothing, portfolio options, profile videos, talent agents/scouts, functioned as a boutique model agency in the NYC and Philadelphia regions.
  • VipeTV Business- An avenue for all operating businesses, contractors, non profits, record labels, and, sponsors to promote, advertise, and market their brands. VipeTV accommodations include event bookings, branding, hosting, as well as consultant and transportation services.

Why VipeTV?

An artist can sell their videos directly, and be paid immediately when someone downloads a video, song, t shirt…etc VipeTV.com keeps 15% of all video sales, plus an additional 10% for exposure and promotion from the website. Artist will collect 75% of their production downloads. After 100k downloads, an artist, label, or business may purchase exclusive rights for $5,000.00 U.S. dollars. All content is copyrighted and owned by VipeTV.  This includes video, audio, and mastering of media. Videos are intended for private, non-commercial viewing and can not be altered or monitized without the expressed written permission from VipeTV.
Artist in need of high quality video services, can submit a request at least 1 week in advance of projected video shoot, rates start at $500.00 U.S. dollars.

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